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Permacon has fifty years of experience in landscaping and masonry products. Permacon belongs to Oldcastle Architecture since 2001.Permacon Group, pioneer, innovator and champion of growth, has been Canada’s largest producer of concrete products; pavers, walls, slabs, stones and bricks that help you create a world of colors and shapes. It has maintained its position in market because of the two main sectors of excellence

  • Innovation and R&D
  • Marketing, sales and customer service


Founded in Québec in 1952 as Bloc Vibré inc., the company merged with Les Industries Fortier Ltée in 1986 to create Permacon Group. Permacon then grew quickly due in part to a series of mergers and acquisitions.


Permacon fulfill the promise of perfect harmony between every element of your project like the colors, formats, shapes and textures and its surroundings. With its 11 plants and over 700 people working in its Québec and Ontario facilities, Permacon caters to customers representing five market segments:

  • Residential masonry products
  • ICI masonry products – Institutional, Commercial, Industrial
  • Residential landscaping products
  • ICI landscaping products – Institutional, Commercial, Industrial
  • Retail distribution – Home Centers


You can view of Landscaping Design, Masonry and all other products portfolio and can see the details.

You can download project planner to keep track of your project.

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You can get the product catalog of Permacon's products. The products are:

  • Pavers

Pavers gives spaces lasting beauty with classic and subtle motifs. Pavers are used for driveways, paths, patios, terraces, pool decks and walkways.

  • Walls

This includes eloquently distinctive beds, retaining walls, columns, etc.

  • Slabs

Used for slim and sturdy, for paths, patios, terraces, pool decks and walkways

  • Curbs

It is the subtle art of defining, framing and containing your outdoor living space.

  • Steps

This gives you Beautiful, lasting features in steps.

  • Stones

Gives classic, durable exterior finishing for your home.

  • Bricks

This include classic, comforting, contemporary, colorful bricks.

  • Modulo 4

Modulo 4 is a completely new line of product that measure up to your most demanding standards

  • Permapro

Permapro, the new line of complementary products by Permacon.


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London (Ontario) N5V 2B5


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