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As such, we want to help our more than 10,000 customers around the world build more efficiently, cost-effectively, faster and safer.

PERI was founded in 1969 in Weissenhorn, near Ulm in southern Germany, and has continued to grow in size and importance year after year. Today, Works 1 and 2 in Weissenhorn, cover an area of approx. 340.000 m². Modern production halls, totaling 60.000 m², manufacture over 90% of all PERI system materials for worldwide distribution. Annually, 70.000 m³ timber, 55.000 t steel and 7.000 t aluminium are processed.

With 760 Million Euro in revenue PERI is a very efficient manufacturer and supplier of concrete formwork systems. Find out more about our sales trend and our personnel development.


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D-89264 Weissenhorn, GERMANY


Claus Kramer PERI Schalungen und Gerueste
+49 89 99315 0, Fax: +49 89 99315 199

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