Пересвет-Инвест агентство недвижимости. Продажа квартир в новостройках и на рынке вторичного жилья Москвы и Подмосковья, дома, коттеджи, ипотека. Недвижимость


Dear Friends,It is not by chance that we address you using these words. Over the years that the Group of Companies working under the Peresvet-Invest brand has been in business and in the course of our cooperation with many of you, the kind of relationship has come about between us whereby partnership has developed into something much more than just the strict fulfillment of contractual obligations.

We are sure that business is by way of being an act of creation: only cooperation for the sake of common objectives and with a common understanding of the rules and principles of business can lead to success. For this reason we seek out – and find - those who think in the same way as we do. We hope that those of you who found out about us for the first time will also start to think as we do and, consequently, will also become friends whom we have not previously known.

Peresvet-Invest has celebrated its eighth birthday. During those years, a whole group of companies working in virtually all sectors of the real estate market has grown out of the original real-estate agency. The range of our partners' activities has also widened: our projects have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign businesses alike and the public at large, and we have now achieved international recognition.

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