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About allows you to check a person's background from a range of public records. The search is offered for people in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Whether you're interested in a person's criminal records, marriage and divorce records, or arrest and warrants records, police records, prison records etc, you can find all these more records on this website. can search through the public records online and offer you a person's address, email, phone number, social networking profiles, education and employment info, military service records and much more.

Registration needed to access public records

PeoplePublicRecord Picture 5.png doesn't offer public records for free. You have to subscribe to one of their plans in order to search for any records. The "basic" plan (one year subscription) costs $24.92. The "standard" (subscription for 2 years) costs $29.92. The "ultimate" plan (subscription for 5 years) costs $34.92. accepts all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover as well as PayPal etc.

Please note that all the records offered by are publicly available anyway. only looks through the right sources, combines it with online search and offers you information about a person in one place.

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