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Welcome to pcut.net. This is an open directory for Park City, Utah. The goal of this site is to support independent web development. The site invites people from Park City and Summit County to add their links. (Please don't add a link unless you are either from Park City, or have a very Park City specific site. If you are a film maker and have a film in Sundance...add the link. If you have a store and like taking money from people in Park City...don't add the link.)

The main features of the site are an open directory and calendar. The directory is split into categories. Simply navigate to the correct category and add your link. Adding a link brings direct traffic through pcut.net, and indirect traffic by improving your position in the search engines.

You can also add events to the calendar. The calendar is indexed regularly by search engines so it brings a good deal of free exposure to your community event.

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