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Without question, the internet has become saturated with countless technical websites dedicated to covering a particular facet of computer hardware. Although a significant number of websites exist, few manage to offer the reader a full perspective of the industry. For one reason or another, the industry has largely been unable to overcome a false paradox. Here, a website is either far too generalized for the tech-savvy community or too detailed for the general public. As a result, the end result is merely a poor compromise between the two which fails to please either demographic. However, the opportunity is present for a website to exist which would cater to a more widespread audience. An opportunity for readers to finally have a single source they can depend upon for full coverage of the PC industry at varying levels of depth and complexity. Such a website would appeal to nearly any user as it would offer the amount of technical depth enthusiasts are after while also offering enough of a generalized aspect to appeal to the new user.

Our goal in creating PC Perspective is to become the reference of choice for all readers regarding the PC industry by offering the most unbiased and thorough perspective. Thus far, we have had extensive experience with websites catering to the enthusiast community. However, the coverage we have provided has proven far too intimidating for the laymen user. Whereas the average consumer has typically turned to printed media for information in the past, those consumers will now have the opportunity to achieve the same "one-stop shopping" experience in a cleanly organized website which is updated on a daily basis to ensure the validity and timeliness of the information being presented.

Glancing at the variety of articles or reviews on any given website, one realizes that there is little rhyme or reason to the release of new content. Although this sporadic approach to content gives the reader variety, it fails to be as informative as possible. Imagine a website which had a more thematic approach towards releasing new content. If the selection of new content was contingent upon the current trends within the marketplace, the information being presented would represent the topics which were most desired by the consumer at the given time. By having the information on the subjects which are at the front of the readers' minds at any given time, PC Perspective will become solidified as the first stop the consumer makes on their search for information on any computer-related topic.

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