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PC Modding Malaysia (PCMM) is an enthusiasts computer hardware and modding website; created and managed by a team of Malaysian computer and modding enthusiasts. We specialise in publishing reviews, articles, guides and news of the latest in computer technology. We have also organized major LAN Parties in Malaysia.

Being end-users ourselves who experience the everyday use of computers, we are like the normal consumers, you; perfectionist and honest with our experiences as much as we enjoy using them. As much as we are serious with our tasks at hand, we love to mod stuff and LAN Party. Our website was officially launched in February 6th 2004, but little did we know that we outdid our own expectations and thus went this far. But through those times, we never regretted every step of the way and we shall continue to walk this journey for as long as we can.

In our final words, we would like to thank our generous sponsors who supported us all the way and our webhosts which we cycled through as our traffic went through the roof, in sequence; FreePgs, Webhour and finally our current webhost, Fivio. (Big thanks to them for their excellent service and support.)

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