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Park Cabins designed by Jack London

Park Cabins | Supplier of Rustic Park Model Cabins, Park Chalets, Resort Cabins, rental units, campground lodging, beach cottages, vacation homes and weekend retreats. 800 330-3102


Park Cabins designed by Jack London builds Comfortable and Quality Park Model Cabins. For over 10 years Jack London has been in business and has the reputation that stands behind the Customer Service you can depend on. These Park Model Cabins and Trailers are pre-built, portable and mobile units and are also considered Recreational Vehicles. This Ultimate Cabin on Wheels is perfect for Campground rentals, guest homes, beach cottages, weekend retreats and vacation homes. In most cases building permits are not needed for these cabins and you are not required to pay property taxes on them. Because these Chalets built with cedar, cypress or Smart Siding have the maximum insulation they are used year round and are called a 4 Season unit. Our cabins are all over the U.S. including Alaska. National, Federal and State Parks enjoy the Rustic Park Models and can also be used for Government Temporary Housing Units. Other uses are Resort rentals, Water Park models, Fishing and Hunting Lodges, Retirement Homes and are not limited to our very popular and much requested Mother-in-Law Suites. According to the RPTIA of which Park Cabins is a member, RV Park Model Homes are Recreational Vehicles primarily designed and intended to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or Seasonal use. They are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 sq. ft. when set up. Each park Trailer is certified by its manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.5

Park Model Cabins by Jack London, professional, innovative and customizable designs built with high quality standards and delivered to exceed customer expectations.


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