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About Me: June, 2004

My name is Greg Sampson. I live in Central Vermont, in a small town called Bethel. I am unsure of the town’s population, but more people live here than in Topsham, which is the town of my last residence. I’ve been living in Vermont for over two years now. Most of that time I have lived with my girlfriend, Jessamyn, though there was that one Winter (of 2002–2003) in which she moved back to Seattle and I stayed here. I found that experience sort of fun, but I was ready for Jessamyn to come back come Spring. We’ve been living together ever since. We have a loving relationship, and it continues to make me happy.

Oh, and one other thing about my living situation: in the time I’ve lived on the East Coast, I’ve moved more times than I ever did before in my life. It’s been something like four moves in two years. I think that says something both about my life here and about my life back in the Midwest.

I’m a law student at Vermont Law School. I just finished my first year about two weeks ago. Right now I’m in that in between time, in which I feel relieved about being done with classes and finals, but a little stressed about my grades (they should be coming in the mail by July 1st). Mostly I can handle the stress, but every once in a while I’ll have a minor freak–out in which convince myself that I have failed. But as I progress through school I find those moments of panic fewer and less intense. I don’t imagine they’ll every go away entirely — I think they’re simply a part of the life I chose for myself. I’m OK with that, because ultimately I love the work I do.

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