In March 26, 1998, a group of medical visionaries, headed by its founding president, Dr. Marcelo Esguerra, established an association geared towards answering the needs of patients for total healing. Thus the Philippine Association of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PACPR) was born when fourteen of its founding Board of Trustees affixed their signatures on the articles of incorporation for the association’s registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The group believed that a patient’s restoration to his/her optimal physical, social and psychological functioning could only be achieved through comprehensive rehabilitation services delivered by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals.

PAPCR’s vision, philosophy and purposes were conceived through years of training, actual clinical practice and research. It aims to disseminate information concerning the clinical practice and scientific inquiry of rehabilitation for the benefit of all involved health care professionals. It hopes to provide professional education through sponsorship of educational conferences; to create fora for information exchange and to encourage collaboration with other organizations.

In line with this, PACPR sponsored its first workshop on Cardiac and Pulmonary Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation in October 26-30, 1998. This was attended by 47 health professionals from all over the country representing the Department of Health and private hospitals. During this occasion, 14 board of trustees were inducted as PACPR Fellow Members. Dr. Alan Goble and Dr. Marian Worcester, who were guest lecturers from Australia, were sworn in as Honorary Members. Other new members were also inducted to the association. Subsequent workshops were conducted yearly to promote and facilitate an exchange of knowledge in the cardiac, pulmonary and physical rehabilitation medicine.

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