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Our goal is to offer products which add genuine value to people's lives. Products with a positive benefit to body, mind and spirit. To reach out to people around the world who understand the progressive values of life and inspire them to strive for their highest ideals. To offer our best to our customers in a spirit of service and to maintain an exemplary level of integrity in all our dealings.

Pacific Spirit was born in 1984, the culmination of many years of commitment to living a spiritual life dedicated to simple living and high thinking. It grew as an extension of our personal interests and a desire to serve, coupled with a need to sustain ourselves by some means of "right livelihood". As our products began to sell we saw a need being filled. We could provide quality products to a market unknown to most retailers. The products we chose made a difference in peoples lives. Both in the lives of those who labor to create the products as well as those who receive them. As Pacific Spirit grew we saw a much larger opportunity to share with our customers our concern for the planet, the environment and the future. And you, our customers, have let us know how much that has meant.

We are committed to making a difference. Some of the charities which we support and have, over the years, donated as much as 20% of our profits include: Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Action Network, Amnesty International, Friends of Old Growth, The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, Self Realization Fellowship, Habitat For Humanity, United Farm Workers, The Himalayan Institute, The Prison Project, The Sierra Club and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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