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PBSKids.com is a great site that will help children learn about the world in a lighthearted manner. The official website of PBS's programming dedicated for children, the website is full of color and popular cartoon characters that will appeal to kids of all ages. The site is very trouble-free to use, so kids can easily have access to the sections they are interested in. This website is interactive and will keep children busy and entertained.

Front Page

The first page of this website contains a quick look at the main sections of the website, with clickable pictures and music that takes kids to the pages of their choice.

Also on the main page is a wheel that features popular characters from cartoons. Spin the wheel and access one character or cartoon. Here there is a wide offer of activities that are based on the chosen cartoon.


Access the music section, and there is a great choice in music: Happy Healthy Songs, Songs, Songs with Los Viajerios or Boohbah Dances. Children have the option to play along their favorite cartoon characters and they can also view the lyrics. Parents can print the lyrics and help their children learn them, this being a good vocabulary exercise for children. Each page has a Parent and Teachers section, which will tell you what the activities are good for, their objectives and parents can get tips on how to use this site. There are also ideas for other activities for parents and teachers. And here is the place where parents and teachers can find out some info on cartoons and characters, so that they keep up to date with their children’s heroes. One nice thing about the music section of PBSKids.com is that it is interactive. Kids can play and do music at the same time.


The games section of this site contains activities and games that kids can choose. The games are set in categories by characters and cartoons. Each cartoon has several games options, so that children are stimulated at all times. The rules of each game are written down and read out aloud, so that small children can understand them too. The audio guide is a great feature of this site, and it is perfectly suited to kids.

The front page of PBSKids features navigation via a clickable wheel of characters as well as other fun features.


The Coloring section has coloring books by cartoons. The kids have to decide on a cartoon, and choose a picture to color. This picture can be printed and given to kids to fill with their own preferences in color.

Additional Information

PBSKids also features a search engine that children might use to find the images and info they are particularly interested in.

All the sections on this website have a pedagogical purpose, meaning that children will learn about sounds, shapes and colors while having fun. (Parents and teachers will also find special links and sections with free preK-12 resources, games, recipes and other activities to support learning at both home and school.)

The site contains TV times, so you can what's on when, and also search for PBS locations near you.




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Community Reviews

i hate boohbah

I make it a point to watch any and every show my kids watch to make sure it meets my approval. Today I caught an episode of Boohbah,I was shocked that this show made it to an "educational" station for children. This is the WORST show I have ever seen for kids. It screams:"BAD ACID TRIP!!!" What is the point? In my opinion this show should not be on a childrens' network, if anything it should be on at 2:00 am for all the stoned teenagers out there.

  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2007, 7:29 pm

Kids from every family will love this show because it helps them learn but at the same time is funny. these cartoons are great for the chidren the can imagine anything and it will keep them busy for days. one thing i hate is are these certain shows. BOOHBAH i think that it has no point for the chidren. another show is snok the sloth my kids hate that show.

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