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Our Exoderm™ products are used externally although they are very much an internal solution. This is because once the solution is sprayed onto the affected area it is immediately absorbed into the skin until it reaches the lowest layer. Once the application has settled itself in this area, it starts to repair the division of the skin cells which is evident in Eczema and Psoriasis patients.

This process repairs the skin cell from the bottom layers right through to the surface. This allows new skin formation to occur replacing dead surface skin with a new layer. This process occurs throughout until the body is completely rid of the Eczema and Psoriasis.

The Exoderm™ Solution and Exoderm™ Lotion are to be used together for maximum results. The Exoderm™ Solution is sprayed onto the affected area which is absorbed into the skin immediately. Once the Exoderm™ Solution has dried. The Exoderm™ Lotion is then applied over the treated area. The Exoderm™ Lotion repairs the surface of the skin and eliminates any external discomfort. This treatment is to be used at least twice a day preferably after bathing.

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