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Learning a new language is quite difficult when there is unnatural environmentbecause according to Vygotsky all the language learning happens in social interaction.A child learns a language very,the reason behind this is their interaction with the parents.Learning a language in this way is called aquisition which in taking place in natural environment and unconscious manner.In a multilingual society the children learn even three language and their way of speaking is also like the native speakers because they aquire this language interacting with native speakers.But when come to English,the children even highly educated people are facing problem in speaking fluently.The real cause of this inability of speaking is due the environment in which we try to learn it.

  It is very important to trace out the techniques and metohds utilizing which could lead us towards success.If we reflect on our past and ponder over what the tecniques was used to taech us English I think we will be raelly sorry because it was just the memorization of grammar rules and difficult words.Translation method was used and teacher did not bother to speak English with students.Enlish was taught as subject not as a language.The main objective was to cover the course not satisfying the students.
    As we all know that English has become a part and parcel of our life.In this modren age of science and technology when we will have sufficient command on english we will not be able to have proper access to the knowledges we need.My request will be to all the teachers to get out all the tarditional methods and adopt new and innovative strategies which help the students to effective learn this language.Direct method is one of the very lucrative method for teaching a foreign language because in this method translation is not totally allowed.Teacher and students have to speak english throughout the period.

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