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Excerpted from the website description:

This is the homepage for Ovithree Books, Cirian Web & Logo Design, and RC Cleaning


Ovithree Services is based in Paddock Lake, WI, south of Milwaukee. The largest minicompany is Ovithree Books, which is on various bookselling websites in the U.S. and Britain. In late 2008, it was also on Canada's Amazon.ca, but withdrew from that site due to cross-border billing issues. It retains a limited presence in Canada through Chapters-Indigo. Due to intercontinental shipping prices, prices in British markets are notably more expensive.

The other services are only offered locally.

The .tk host server is in Rotterdam, in The Netherlands.

List of sites that Ovithree Books sells on:

Active sites with full inventory

Semi-Active sites with partial inventory

Inactive sites previously used



There is a limited selection of books on Ovithree Books in French, Spanish, and Norwegian.

Additional Information

It uses URL masking.

It has been online since 25 October 2008.

It is hosted for free on Freewebs.com, but the preferred (and easier) address is ovithree.tk.

Designed by the in-house Cirian Design. The people behind Cirian also designed both incarnations of dennisgroup.info, but the company was not made at that time.

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