Tettnang, 12 June 2006 - Avira is proud to announce that Avira AntiVir went on to detect all infected files in all test sets made by Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin test focuses on virus detection and scanning speed, as well as looking at how each product fares when scanning a set of files that are known to be clean. Currently, Avira AntiVir was tested on Windows XP and its performance earned the product a well-deserved VB 100% award. The product detected all ITW viruses and did not miss any virus in any of the other test sets. Furthermore it did not cause any false positive.

According to Virus Bulletin, “The relevance of In The Wild (ITW) detection tests is that the viruses that appear on the WildList are known to be active, causing real-world virus incidents, and doing so in more than just one or two isolated places. Products that are unable to detect these viruses are unlikely to be of widespread appeal.”

Avira is among the security providers which are regularly priced with a VB 100% award for their hundred per cent ITW detection. Moreover, Avira will continue to participate in the Virus Bulletin certification in order to constantly document the quality of its security solutions.

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