What is a OneTimePayButton

A G OneTimeBuyButton is a BuyButton that allows buying a unique product or service; it is ideally suited to G DomainTrading, especially G SocialDomaining in the sense of G OpenBusiness or even G ExtremeOpenBusiness, because domains are unique and can be sold to only one buyer.

The owner of an G OpenDomainPortfolio offers his or her domains for sale in form of an G OpenSpreadsheet with a pay button.

The provider of the pay button allows only a one time payment for the first buyer.

As soon as the first buyer has made the payment, no further payments are accepted.

A straightforward Solution in

A straightforward solution is possible in the G wiki, since it allows their active community members to build income by using

As I didn't find the Google entry G OneTimeBuyButton, I created this page for the convenience of all providers of this service and those active community members, who want to mutually benefit from this.

Redirected Synonyms

Other similar terms for this innovative concept are redirected to this current wiki page, such that it is easy to find it via Google.

A more sophisticated solution with OpenSpreadsheets

see OpenDomainPortfolioWithBuyButton

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