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In we turn ideas into reality. We are leading internet application groupware developer re-inventing new ways consumers and businesses conduct business together. We create value applications for webmasters (web sites) to share their vision with their clients by providing the most advance web tools to enhance their web site. We help web sites to generate revenue from their web site and visitors through profit sharing, a win-win program for all. Active members can be paid simply for using our group ware and receive special offers from our vendors. In addition, we provide a major incentive for advertisers to build targeted advertising contact with members. Today, more than 60,000 web sites have signed up to receive the service. And we’re quickly growing.

The company provides free web groupware to web sites such as discussion forum, guestbook, search engine, web space, email, calander, organizer and more. Different from conventional web business, OneCenter.Com share their revenue with webmasters, and help solve the complexity in programming and developing powerful web tools facing web developers.




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