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Revelations concerning the English language, the Bible and more.

The Olin Revelation website presents a new theory about the letters within the alphabet. According to the theory, each letter in the alphabet has several potential meanings associated with it. Many words and names can be seen to "translate" using those meanings. The website in fact provides translations of varying quality for over 4500 English words. It also provides some rather convincing translations for Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and even Native American words and names as well.

The Olin Revelation website also suggests that key names and words found in the Bible can also be seen to translate meaningfully using the meanings of the letters provided. For example, the name Jerusalem can be seen to translate as "great change out of water origin, one below surface out of produced", which appears to describe the story of how King David conquered the Jesubite fortress that would later be transformed into the city we know today as Jerusalem.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the theory may be its paranormal aspect. The website provides a list containing names of fairly well known places and people and suggests that each of the names, when translated, describe the events surrounding the person or place named. An excellent example of this phenomena can be seen in the entry for Albert Einstein.

Whether you appreciate the historical linguistic aspect or the paranormal aspect of the Olin Revelation website, the website also provides potentially valuable insights into ancient history and culture. The discussions related to important names and terms frequently contain hidden gems of information that academics from a wide range of disciplines should find intriguing. The website even includes a special section devoted specifically to theories related to King Arthur, the Merovingians and the Carolingians.

New entries are added to the website each week and, for those who want to see what entries are being added and when, an RSS feed is available that can be added to personal web pages such as My Yahoo! and My MSN.

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