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It was 1897 when, concerned about her stylish figure, the talented opera singer Miss Nellie Melba sent the famed Parisian chef Auguste Escoffier back to the kitchen. Her complaint was that her bread was much too thick. Escoffier returned to Ms. Melba’s table with a thinly sliced piece of toasted bread, and promptly named it Melba toast in her honor. Nellie Melba’s name would go on forever, just like she always said it would.
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Jim Centi's Comments on OldLondonFoods.com

  • Jim Centi (frustrated) : The last two boxes of Melba Whole Grain Toast were darker in color, excessively crisp and difficult to chew. Good through date 09-09-09 Wed Feb 25 21:47:06 UTC 2009

comment by Beth Geller

I am a true fan of Old London Melba Toast, as is my family.. I just bought Melba Toast Sesame, whole grain. Unfortunately, after eating the first package, I thought something was wrong with the food I put on the toast, but sort of ignored it, and continued with my breakfast.

The next meal I had I opened a second package and realized that the Melba Toast smelled like tobacco, and tasted like the tobacco was in the Melba Toast. I thought this was "crazy", so I asked my sister to try it. She wound up having to go to the doctor as she started getting cramps a short time later, and then very sick. I cannot imagine what is in this product or perhaps who handled it, although that does not make sense, however, it was more than upsetting.

I tried to find phone number to call , but you are not listed at all in the phone directory.

I have the box and package, and the bar code is 70129 29174. I purchased this last week in my local grocery "Stop N Shop".. This should not have happened. My sister was not okay for several days.. I felt bad for her, and I wanted you to know what happened. I could have gone to the supermarket, but wanted to tell you about this product and what could have been a disaster, ss I was going to share this with my children who also like it, not to mention I was going to serve it with hummus and cheeses for some company that was coming.. Please contact me at (845)512-8072 or intuitivelyours@ aol.com...

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