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We were founded in December, 2004 by Noah Glass and Evan Williams. Noah had been helping individuals publish audio to the web for over two years with his company, ListenLab, which provided a service called AudBlog (now part of Odeo). Evan was most recently with Google, where he ran their personal publishing service, Blogger, which he co-founded in 1999 and sold to Google in early 2003. (You can find Noah and Evan's personal blogs here and here.)

As a company, we believe strongly in the democratization of media. We think that giving more people powerful tools for the creation and distribution of media will result in more knowledge, ideas, art, truth, and amusement available to all. This, we see, is one of the most important roles (if not the most important) that the Internet is playing in society today.

And we think that the potential for new forms of audio content is particularly exciting, as it is one of the most ubiquitous mediums possible, yet also one that has lacked options for so long.

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