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ACSI Bulk Ink Refills is a service of Automation Consulting and Supply, Inc., which is a company located 2 miles south of Lowell, Ohio, USA in Southeastern Ohio. We used to be located near Atlanta Georgia, but moved here in May, 2003 to escape the high costs of Atlanta and be closer to Brian's parents. ACSI is majority owned by Brian and Saundra Boley and is the sole source of revenue for us and our kids... What, Dear? Andrew turned six years old on September 23rd?... And Hollie got married a year ago in June? Heather in October?

We've been selling ink on the Web since 1997 -- much longer than those guys on TV. Anyway, we emphasize top service and excellent prices. We have over 30,000 customers. Be sure to check out our Home Page before you leave our site... Huh?

Ok, honey....Folks, Saundra says to be sure to recommend us to your friends -- even those unfortunate souls who can't get on the Web yet. And remember when you call us that those sounds you hear in the background are our small children (even though some people think they sound like birds).

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