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traditional staffordshire oatcakes and oatcake mix - staffordshire oatcakes and oatcake mix to buy or order online - The oatcake is a regional food, typical of north Staffordshire. We are using an original oatcake recipe that had been used at the bakery for years. The present owners have experimented with the oatcake recipe to enhance the taste of the oatcakes as well as their texture and appearance and the oatcake recipe now used is believed to make the ideal oatcake. Order oatcakes online or by mail order, for first class post or courier delivery. The Staffordshire Oatcake, a regional delicacy, is exclusive to the Potteries area of Staffordshire. In the past our oat cakes were only available to buy from the bakery. But now anyone can enjoy Staffordshire oatcakes, because we have introduced a mail order service,which means that you can order your oatcakes online and have them delivered to you by courier or first class post. Buy oatcakes online from Staffordshire oatcakes, and have a taste of the Potteries, north Staffordshire, delivered direct to your door. Oatcake recipes Staffordshire oatcakes are similar to a pancake, but are made from white flour, oatmeal and yeast. Oat cake bakers have their own closely guarded recipes. The oatcake, typical of the Potteries area of Stoke on Trent, has to be one of the most versatile food products on the market.Oatcakes make a great alternative to bread at breakfast time, and as well as being delicious as a savoury dish, oatcakes make a great sweet dish. Staffordshire oatcakes - a regional delicacy from north Staffordshire. Oatcakes are a quality high fibre food.

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