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This site, that began as an exercise in HTML programming, has grown to an unexpected size. 3 years after the first page was written, it comprises now more than 400 pages. With all the stuff about travels and hiking that I wish to add to the site as soon as I have time, this growing tendency is not going to stop.

Soberness: I wanted a sober site, without flashing banners and gaudy advertisements. As I began to know Internet at the University in 1991, it was by far not as popular as nowadays, the content was quite poor, but at least there was not this actual money-grabbing mentality that I sometimes regret.

Humility: I appreciate this quality in people, thus I like it in a web site too. With billion pages available, anybody who claims in the newsgroups that "you should visit my site, it is great" or who regularly posts messages announcing "my site has been updated" can only be either stupid or pretentious. I think that this kind of agressive advertisement deserves the site. On the long run, if a site has good quality, it will be known and referenced and people are going to visit it without having to be told to.

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