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I am the mastermind of this project. I am a Hungarian English teacher living in Brno, Czech Republic. Officially I launched on the first of September 2002 with 50 exercises. I program the software and create the basic concept for NSE.

I am a Briton living in Brno, Czech republic. I have been teaching English for 10 years and have gained considerable experience with teaching English as a foreign language. I joined Laszlo to help him tidy up the exercises. I proof-read all exercises to provide the students with 100% correct exercises. I give further advice on what to improve from the user's point of view.

I have been working as an ESL teacher in Indonesia since 1996. I'm also working as an interpreteur of English and Indonesian. I have experience in teaching English for General (Kids and Adults) and Specific Purposes, such as Economics, Chemistry, Law, Hotel and Tourism and Engineering. During making the teaching and learning activities, I also attend some trainings and workshop here in Indonesia especially for English teachers. I am getting used to creating and elaborating the materials for teaching and learning English.

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