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Novi Boat Brokers

Novi Boat Brokers is a Nova Scotia owned and operated commercial fishing brokerage based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Novi Boat Brokers is owned by Dane Devine. Dane has been involved in the commercial fishing industry for more than 20 years and his time at sea has seen him aboard all types of fishing vessels, from lobster to groundfish. What does this mean for a potential customer thinking of listing with or buying from Novi Boat Brokers? The answer is simple. It means you're dealing with an experienced, knowledgeable boat broker who understands the "in and outs" of commercial and lobster fishing, and has a firm grasp on all different types and manufacturers of marine vessels.

Dane has been working in the commercial marine brokerage for 5 years now. During this time, he has gained considerable knowledge of the business, and was the top selling agent for a local marine and boat brokerage. In 2002, he decided to take his solid combination of experience and knowledge, in both fishing and marine brokerage, and create Novi Boat Brokers.

"Thank you for visiting the Novi Boat Brokers website. If you have any suggestions for improving our service, please feel free to contact Dane directly by phone or email. Novi Boat Brokers will always keep things simple for its customers. Our policies are simple as well. My company policy and promise to potential buyers is this: Novi Boat Brokers will do the very best it can to find the boat or license you are looking for. My policy to sellers: Novi Boat Brokers will do everything we can to find the right buyer for your commerical, fishing or lobster boat, or license.

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Novi Boat Brokers
Yarmouth NS
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