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Systemlieferant fuer NIEBERGALL - MARINE BOARDING - FAST ROPES, LAUNCHER, LEITERN, Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS, carbon ladder, carbon hook

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[[Category:GLAD (German Loud Acoustic Device) – LSA Lightweight Air Tep nsn 1670-14-554-7611 Y-Spreader: VersNr: NSN: 3940-12-395-7223Weitsprossenleiter: Version Anschluß an modulare Steckleiter: VersNr: NSN: 2090-12-395-7235 Y-Spreader: VersNr: NSN 3940-12-395-7223]][[Category:Edge ProtectorNSN Description Part Number NCAGE Automatic rope ascender weight 8.4k ARA003 DK8754030251611348 8 Titanium dual boarding hook (wit BE 001331 DK8752090251608034 1.7m sections Carbon/Kevlar ladder BE 001679 DK875 GAUGE 0-250 BAR BE 001893 DK8755340251604344 Custommade baseplate for windup mas BE 002174 DK8755120251608041 2]]

[[Category:8m TELESCOPIC CARBONPOLE BE 002404 DK8752040251610236 8 Carbon fibre Grapnel hook (witho BE 002436 DK8754030251611287 8 Titanium Single boarding hook in BE 002437 DK875 9]] [[Category:5 DUAL CARBON FIBER GRAPNEL HOOK BE 002439 DK8754030251604343 6 Titanium dual boarding hook (wit BE 002440 DK8754030251604342 4 Titanium dual boarding hook (wit BE 002441 DK875 OBS Launcher Basic unit BE 002442 DK875 1.5m wire ladder with aluminum step BE 002460 DK875 10m Wire ladder with aluminum steps BE 002461 DK875 15m Wire ladder with aluminum steps BE 002462 DK875 20m WIRELADDER BE 002463 DK875 Telescopic Carbon fibre 9m length - BE 002464 DK875 Telescopic Carbon fibre 10m length BE 002465 DK875 Telescopic Carbon fibre 15m length BE 002466 DK8755120251605646 15m telescopic windup mast TLP 61 - BE 002470 DK8754220251606024 Composite Air Bottle w/valve BE 002471 DK875 Rope/ladder container BE 002472 DK875 6]] [[Category:8m TELESCOPIC CARBONPOLE BE 002473 DK8756515251605656 OBS Fill line valve BE 002474 DK875 Loading pin Launcher BE 002475 DK875 Pigg release sytem (titanium) BE 002476 DK875 25 meter web ladder BE 002477 DK875 Twin Top adapter BE 002478 DK875 OBS system for external bottle use BE 002501 DK875 Single Grapnel hook aluminum BE 002503 DK8755315251610238 Locking pin release system (titaniu BE 002504 DK8755340251610239 Special design carabiner (duplex) BE 002505 DK875 Dyneema/Spectra rope 50m x O8 BE 002507 DK8751095251605665 Single Grapnel hook titanium arms BE 002513 DK8755365251610240 Ring fastning system (titanium) BE 002516 DK8754030251604341 MINI Titanium single grapnel hook i BE 002526 DK875 Toppadapter ladder to hook BE 002527 DK8751015251603855 PLATFORM FOR REBS LAUNCHER BE 002588 DK875 Storage box launcher BE 002607 DK875 Grapnel hook set 4 hooks per set BE 002608 DK8755120251608040 POLE SOCKET BASE PLATE BE 003351 DK875 5 SINGLE TITAN GRAPNEL HOOK BE 003440 DK875 ROLATUBE 3M (2]] [[Category:5 hook) BACKPACK PACKAGE BE 003654 DK875 ROLATUBE 5M (5 hook) BACKPACK PACKAGE BE 003655 DK875 COMPACT LAUNGER TACTICAL PACKAGE BE 003754 DK8758130251611620 LADDER REEL BE 005538 DK875 COMPLETE BASEPLATE 490X490mm BE 006132 DK875 REBS GIRAFFE TRACER PACKAGES 15M BE 006700 DK875 REBS WINDUP POLE PACKAGES (9]] [[Category:5 HOOK) BE 006840 DK875 LAUNCHER TACTICAL PACKAGE 2 BE 006872 DK8751010251491047 OBS Launcher Basic unit BE 031606 DK875 OBS Fill line valve BE 031608 DK8758120251602861 Composite Air Bottle w/valve BE 031609 DK8754820251602860 OBS Fill line valve BE 031610 DK8751005251602859 Loading pin Launcher BE 031615 DK8758115251602858 Special Launcher storage box alumin BE 031618 DK875 Explorer case with cleaning & Maintenance field kit EXPCASE DK8752090123875092 Flexible Boarding Ladder LO 4 10 30 SA HG DK8752090123922808 Flexible Boarding Ladder with attachments LO 4 10 30 SA HG JVN DK8752090123897883 Rigid Boarding Ladder - modular DK875JVN – NSN Carbonhaken NSN / Vers.Nr. 4030-12-387-5071 /Spezialhaken Abstand NSN 5340-12-842-2605Leitern: NSN 2090-12-387-5092 / Leiter (1) Jakobs-NSN/Vers.Nr. 2090-12-392-2808 Leiter (1) Jacobs]][[Category:TkzVK und Tkz:Primäre Herstellerdaten sind grau markiert.​NCAGE DK875​ VersNr FK KK VK DK NK StatK HerstK Teilekennzeichen Versorgungsartikelname4030-12-387-5071 4 3 2 3 DX A DK875 BE002436 HAKEN]] [[Category:LAST- 2090-12-392-3899 4 3 2 3 DX A DK875 F506-PA ABSTANDSHALTER]] [[Category:JAKOBSLEITER 2090-12-387-5092 4 3 2 3 DX A DK875 LO 4 01 30 SA HG LEITER(1)]] [[Category:JAKOBS- 2090-12-395-7235 4 3 2 3 DX A DK875 LO 4 01 30 WSA HG JVN LEITER(1)]] [[Category:JAKOBS- 2090-12-392-2808 4 3 2 3 DX A DK875 LO 4 10 30 SA HG JVN LEITER(1)]] [[Category:JAKOBS- 3940-12-395-7223 4 3 2 1 DX A DK875 LO 4 YS JVN LASTENGESCHIRR(1)]]

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