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National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) is a large health organization providing modern medical care to National Guard employees and their dependents, as well as to Saudi Nationals with tertiary health problems. Under the umbrella of NGHA, there are four hospitals and sixty primary and secondary health centers around the Kingdom. Two of these hospitals are Imam AbdulRahman Al-Faisal Hospital (IAAFH) in Damman and King Abdulaziz Hospital (KAH) in Al Ahsa. The other two hospitals have expanded over the last few years to become major medical cities; namely King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) in Riyadh and KAMC in Jeddah. These two medical cities provide high standard medical services including international Pediatric Surgery, Open-Heart Surgery, Oncology Center, Organ Transplantation, Laparascopic Surgery, Trauma Surgery, and many high-caliber tertiary and quaternary medical specialties.

NGHA has also become well known internationally, especially in successful conjoined twins separations. Five sets of conjoined twins have been successfully separated at KAMC in Riyadh. This is only one example of many high level services that have made NGHA the heart of medicine in Saudi Arabia.

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