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Newsvine is a community-driven website devoted to cataloging and prioritizing the news. The site aims at being a one-stop portal for all your news, derived from many separate news sources, in other words, it is a popular social media tag company. It is fundamentally divided between "The Wire" and the "The Vine." "The Wire" is a direct pipe-line to stories written by the Associated Press and ESPN. "The Vine" is news tagged and uploaded by the Newsvine community, including articles written by community members themselves. Many of these are "seeded links" which contain a blurb of the article, a permalink, and a forum for discussion. Other notable social tagging sites include Slashdot, Digg, and Reddit.

Newsvine Front Page

Why You'll Find the News You Want

In order to deliver the most relevant news, Newsvine employs an algorithm that for each article processes the number of votes, number of views, freshness, and other factors and then ranks the article.

Newsvine is searchable by tags or text, or you can use the various tabs which organize recent news into local, national, worldwide, sports, tech, entertainment, and several others. The front page also breaks news up into top stories, top seeds, active stories, newsvine columnists, top wire, and even your local weather. For a basic tour of Newsvine visit their welcoming page here.

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Community Involvement

The potential for user input on the site sets Newsvine apart from other popular . The site also encourages community building by allowing users to friend each other, chat in the Chat Lobby, comment on articles, and join groups of like-minded individuals.


Reputation is measured by Vineacity, a combination of six separate metrics including Courtesy, Longevity, Fruitfulness, Connectedness, Random Acts of Vineness, and Lifetime Achievement. These milestones are each represented by a branch on the newsvine logo on the user's profile; it is an example of badging, a common web 2.0 practice.

The community is governed by a simple set of six guidelines known as the Code of Honor. It includes respect for others, appropriate content and headlines, use of the English language, and not seeding your own blog articles.

Company History

Newsvine was incorporated in March of 2005 by founder Calvin Tang who was shortly joined by Mike Davidson, Lance Anderson, and Mark Budos from The Walt Disney Internet Group. The company also boasts employees from ESPN and other media organizations. Newsvine is currently based out of Seattle.

Newsvine received venture capital funding from by Second Avenue Partners, another Seattle-based business.




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