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Every day, approximately 500,000 unique visitors come through Newgrounds. Many of them are regulars, while others were simply passed a link from a friend. For those people who are here and have no clue what the story is behind the site, I've assembled this simple primer with all the necessary information.

I started this site on July 6th, 1995, originally hosting it on the free web space provided by my family ISP. As a teenager with a thirst for blood and violence, my original web games were point and click gorefests such as Club a Seal and Assassin. They look pretty tame by modern standards, but they were very "edgy and cool" a decade ago and inspired a lot of hate mail.

I eventually started using Flash in 1998 and the site turned into a huge showcase of my Flash work. I was getting a lot of traffic, so on-line buddies started sending me their work to showcase in front of the existing audience. This snowballed out of control and eventually the first ever automated Flash Portal was launched on April 6th, 2000. This system allows anyone anywhere to submit Flash and have it appear on the site instantly! We receive hundreds of submissions on a daily basis, with a daily top five selected by visitors like yourself!

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Is awesome! Everyone should check it out at one point or another! It has something for everyone there and theres always something to do!

  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 8, 2007, 5:06 am

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