is a domain registrar for alternate top level extensions

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Description™ seeks to become the world's leading domain name registry by introducing and selling domain names with new extensions that offer greater relevance and meaning than current Web site addresses ending in .com, .net, and other existing top-level domains. We are making this possible initially by encouraging millions of users to activate their Internet browsers to recognize domain names and partnering with leading Internet Service Providers to activate our domain names automatically at the network level. We now have tens of millions of users that have access to domain names, and we are confident that domain names will be recognized universally across the Internet. Our primary objectives are to sell domain names that individuals and companies genuinely want, and to make the Internet an easier place for users to find what they are looking for.

We have developed proprietary technology that allows our domain-naming system to exist alongside the traditional naming systems currently in use on the Internet. has applied for patent protection for this technology.

  • domain names are accessible by persons that use one of our partner ISPs to access the Internet or who activate their browsers. This number is limited now, but growing daily. For source information click here.


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