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As the Internet revolution has swept through the American economy, companies and organizations of all sizes and types have begun to realize the powerful role technology can play in their marketing and sales process.

Since 1998, Netfinity, Inc. has been a part of the dynamic evolution of internet technologies, delivering top-tier web-based services to companies across the U.S. During that time, Netfinity has created or upgraded many websites and developed several new software products.

By working with Netfinity to design and program your website and provide related marketing products and services, you will gain access to a unique set of tools to help your company succeed, empowering you to proactively manage your relationships with potential customers. Proprietary products such as Community Plus, Builder Plus, Customer Relationship Management System and Unicorn are unique online services that make it possible for developers and builders to create high-impact websites that can be efficiently and easily managed for maximum marketing results.


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