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Free Greeting cards. The short Story by.

It starts with the very first greetings card, that Adam gave Eve for her Birthday. (I don't know, why it must be a picture on stone, and not a traditional birthday e-card, but whatever …). Years went by, times changed and more and more holidays were invented, which means there were more and more greeting cards made. Birthday cards and cakes, Romantic cards with roses, Thank You cards on stones with diamonds… (depend on gratitude size) the list is endless! (I still wonder why they couldn't simply send a normal free electronic greeting card? A, whatever …). At the end of 20-th century everyone's was tiered of the normal, day-to-day greeting card. So, with no other option, they started creating greeting cards on their computers. They created free email e-cards, online greeting e-cards, free online greeting e-cards, holiday and occasion e-cards - with one worth - a boundless ocean of greeting cards … and now you are sinking in e-cards … ouch, scary!

Hey! But If you are reading this it means that, you are not sinking anymore! Yeah!! You are on! Happy Landing ;o)

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