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Nelly is a directory of Swiss and Liechtenstein aviation web resources. It provides links to over 1600 different websites, including selected world-wide link sites and sites from other countries with information about Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You will also find links to sites about the German sector of FIR/UIR Switzerland and - as its IFR approaches are controlled by Swiss ATC - about Friedrichshafen airport. The sites' classification is based on their content. Astronautics sites are not included systematically.

Internal links are written in bold letters, external links in normal ones. Internal crosslinks are marked with a × sign. Sites with an excellent coverage of their subject or including very useful information are labeled with a

All sites meeting the conditions mentioned above under Content are included for free without further requirements. Other sites can't be included to maintain Nelly's integrity. I know this doesn't make too much sense for certain areas of interest, e.g. spotting or flight simulation, but I had to draw a line somewhere. For additions, contact me using the e-mail address below under Contact.

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