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NESA is a unique networking organisation, which works through 42 committed voluntary organisations, reaching the poorest of the poor and vulnerable communities, especially Dalits and Adivasis in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, with its rights-based work.

NESA was formally registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act, Karnataka, 1960, on 20 March 1998 (Registration No. 938/97-98). NESA was formed comprising the partners of Oxfam GB (the operational entity of Oxfam Great Britain), after Oxfam phased out of South India.

NESA's Board is a group of 11 activists, member voluntary organisations and CBO leaders. Fifty per cent are Dalit and Adivasi, and 50 per cent are women. Being the largest network of voluntary organisations in South India, NESA and its constituents are driven by the values of good governance, accountability and transparency in all their work. Owing to these values, NESA board stands strong with Dalits, Adivasis and women as its members, promising good and impartial leadership.





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