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The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company reports, comments and reflects on the church and society. It strives for excellence in its publications, supporting a full, honest and open exchange of ideas. It works out of a Roman Catholic tradition and an ecumenical spirit. It emphasizes solidarity with the oppressed and respect for all. It understands that peace, justice and integrity of environment are not only goals but also avenues of life.

National Catholic Reporter is an independent newsweekly that is frequently the first to report on serious issues important to thinking Catholics and the first place to find open, honest and ongoing discussion of those issues. NCR makes a commitment to in-depth reporting of global peace and justice issues and consistently wins national and international awards for "Best Investigative Reporting" and "General Excellence" from the Catholic Press Association.

Founded in 1964, NCR has earned a reputation for fearless, balanced writing on a wide range of topics: spirituality, human rights, living the faith, social justice, catholic trends and liturgical developments. Regular special features include book and movie reviews, exclusive articles by noted writers and listings for retreats, renewal programs and educational opportunities.

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