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Documentation of the Sect of the Netzarim


Restoring the ancient Jewish sect of the Netzarim.




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This domain had been used with at-will permission of the owner for the Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism. After SANJ re-organized as the INJS, and the operator of INJS commutted action requiring discipline (documented at, the domain owner removed permission for use. The domain was pointed at wiki page detailing those events. It has since been reprovisioned as an open "digg" type sight serving Nazarene Jewish believers, Messianic believers, and the Hebrew Roots movements. It's new scope benefits the entire community of believers by giving them a place to cross promote their materials regardless of organizational affiliation. It give the community as a whole a place to rate and coment on those articles as well. It is the first site of it's kind focused on this community need.

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