- Official website of National Geographic channel - The National Geographic Channel is part of, the website of the well-loved magazine about nearly everything on earth. National Geographic is well known for its rich photography and outstanding reporting. is where you'll find all the great National Geographic shows you've missed or neglected. Popular feature shows on are:

Hooked- Dives into the water to find the biggest monster fish.
Dog Town- show about a shelter for lost canine souls, the troubled dogs that have a hard time finding a home.
Dog Whisperer- The savior of dog owners everywhere, Cesar Millan rehabilitates misbehaving dogs.
World's Toughest Fixes- If it's big and broken, they'll fix it, no matter how daunting the job is.
Locked Up Abroad- It's every traveler's worst nightmare to be held captive far from home.
Wild- show about things that bite, slither, or go bump in the night take center stage.
Taboo- takes you on a journey beyond comfort zones and across cultural borders to explore rituals and customs that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal or reviled in others.
Lockdown- Takes viewers inside the closed world of three maximum-security U.S. prisons to observe violent clashes, covert rules and secret codes of justice.
Dangerous Encounters- follows Dr. Brady Barr as he travels around the globe to study reptiles and other creatures in their native habitats.
Explorer- Gives viewers special video access to's current issue.
Man-Made- goes inside factories, machinery, and buildings to talk to the experts about how things get made.
Naked Science-'s journey into the depths of space to uncover the mysteries of the universe.
Earth the Biography- Tells the story of the great geological forces that shape the planet, volcanoes, oceans, ice and the atmosphere.
Inside- Takes viewers deep inside some of the most difficult current news and cultural topics with a new perspective.
Known Universe- The universe is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really BIG.
America's Wild Spaces- takes you to America's greatest parks.'s specials produces special shows along with its popular regular features. These shows tackle current issues of the day, and new scientific discoveries:

Alone in the Wild- What it's like to spend three months alone in the Yukon Territory.
Drain the Oceans- A virtual scientific expedition to the deep to explore one of the earth's last great frontiers - the ocean.
Alien Earth- goes beyond our solar system to discover planets so strange we could have never predicted them.
Human Family Tree- provides articles and tools to help you discover where your family came from.
Giant Crystal Cave- A team of international scientists unlock the secrets of a deadly cave filled with crystals the size of tree trunks.
Ancient Asteroid- Scientists research desert glass from the Sahara found on King Tut's necklace. The glass reveals what happened in the Egyptian desert 30 million years ago that was more powerful than multiple nuclear bombs.
The Long Haul- Come aboard two long-line fishing boats in the Gulf of Alaska as they battle the elements in their hunt for valuable halibut and black cod.
Road to War: Iraq- The path to the Iraq War that began in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 transformed the Bush presidency, launching an aggressive global mission.
Direct from the Moon- Using stunning footage from the Kaguya lunar orbiter, unlocks secrets of 4.5 billion years of earth, moon and solar system history.
Secrets of the Druids- Caesar seeks to conquer Britain, but upon arrival he is confronted by the strange and terrifying practices of the Druids.
Tomb of 1,000 Roman Skeletons- Clues from skeletons found in catacombs lead researchers to a startling conclusion.
9/11- Science and Conspiracy- conducts a forensic investigation to test the most common conspiracy theories of 9/11 and the mysteries surrounding the day's plane attacks.
Search for Noah's Ark- Examine the latest clues and theories attempting to explain the biblical account of Noah's ark and the flood.


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