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NashvilleConnection.Com is the culmination of years of music experience on all sides of the music business fence. We at NC believe your only as good as the effort you make of it. We have done all sorts of things in this business from the early days playing gigs, to music school @ Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA, and now in performing, producing, recording, and writing in Nashville, TN for 15 years has laid the groundwork.

We have learned and continue to each day from some of the great songwriters and performers in the Music Business today! The website, was began in 1998 as an addition to the NMBD, Nashville Music Business Directory.

The NMBD was started in 1983 by the late Ray McGinnis. New owners We have expanded the book and growing with the Nashville Market. We feel the NMBD is now the best it has ever been, and hope to still improve the book in the upcoming years. We personally take the books to all major record labels, publishers and music business organizations (one book per employee), making this the most circulated directory in Nashville. Over 190,000 in circulation today.

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