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The National Association for Senior Concerns (NASCON) was established in 2005 to serve those 50 and older. For too long, a single political organization has claimed to represent all Seniors when, in fact, it has a narrow political agenda. NASCON is different.

We believe that Seniors, like everyone else, should have a dissenting voice. All Seniors do not think alike, and those of us who disagree with intrusive government and big spending want to be heard - not silenced by a political machine more intent on promoting itself than improving the lives of Seniors everywhere.

NASCON believes that people are best served by less government, not more, and by policies that promote individual responsibility and autonomy. We believe the tax code is too complicated and lawsuits are out of control. We also believe that tough choices are needed to strengthen Social Security for our children and grandchildren.

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Alpharetta Georgia
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