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In terms of water-related treatment and all other enhancement programs and processes involve with water, Nalco Holding Company (Nalco) can provide all the services needed. From the process of rust prevention, infection and growth of damaging deposits in water, NALCO basically have all the services in place. Nalco Holding provides to customers over in 70,000 branches. It is the number #1 in water treatment market, next to it is GE Water and Process Technology. Nalco or National Aluminate Corporation was founded in May 1, 1928 in Naperville, Illinois. It is the result of two companies joined together, the Chicago Chemical Company and Aluminate Sales Corporation.

Further, the services and the NALCO Holdings offer also made to improve the effectiveness of the process and further develop the client’s output. With this consideration, Nalco Holdings has divided its services into three business categories:

Industrial and Institutional Services categories are products which are used in utility-based water treatment enhancements and applications. The other is used for industrial process enhancement systems and applications. Services include processes such as raw water treatment applications, segregation of waste from the water and process for treatment, cooling, boiler and membrane treatment programs and processes.

Further, the condensation treatment enhancement programs are formulated to prevent possible overheating, corrosion of water and rupture of boilers. Nalco ACT is involved in the programs and Tri-ACT. Moreover, the cooling water treatment and enhancement programs are designed to prevent the occurrence of problems such as microbial fouling, contamination, scale and corrosion and during the circulation process that is repeatedly done during water improvement process.

One of the new products that were launched was the ControlBrom. The product was released on December 31, 2006 and is made to stabilize the bromine offering and benefits of the on-site launching activating of the said product. On the other hand, Ultrion, one of the Nalco products, is used to clarify the water during the treatment process. The latter is greatly effective in clarifying water faster than aluminum.

Nalco Company has excellent programs and services to offer. Some of the program the company offers is combating odors in treating water. The odor treatment is focused on prevention of the biological hydrogen sulfide, neutralization process and the last is the precipitation process. On the neutralization process, OdorTech is the technology used to make this process a success. For non-big business or individual household customers, WaterServe program can be taken advantage of because it the program involved includes water boiling, facility caring programs, HVAC and automating programs that are beneficial for these consumers.

WaterServe is the program catered to various cities after its initial testing in 2005 in Chicago. Moreover, the company built on additional and enhanced hubs in 2006 preceded by the WaterServe test a year earlier. In this regard, NALCO’s Institutional and Industrial Services business category has improved and reached the 44% total company sales at the end of the December 31, 2006.

Energy Services is NALCO’s business division that provides not only on recovering, producing, and processing the enhanced programs that is focused on petrochemical industries, petroleum, natural gas, and water treatment services. This division is working on the petrochemical plants and so does in the refineries.

Paper Services on the other hand is the division which offers processes and programs that are used in principal steps of the papermaking modification. There involved some processes in various types of paper that includes the graphic grades but is not limited to the boards and packaging papers. Included in this service are the towel and tissue papers.

Company Mission and Values

The company’s mission is to be able to generate worth in consumer by building and executing innovative and distinguishing solutions that are environmentally, technically and financially sustainable.

Values implemented in the company are integrity: honesty and respect for the customers, professionalism in dealing with them. Knowledge: experiencing and sharing what you know, serving the customers to maintain and improve service quality. Initiative: knowing when to improve works and maintaining excellence, immediate actions needed for success. Communication: being able to share and talk on different items, listening in order to know what others are saying and sharing important information ad ideas. Accountability: being responsible for one’s actions, and efficiency in doing the work assigned and safety in actions made.

Competitors in the field

GE Water and Process Technologies. GE is made up of GE Betz, GE Osmonics and GE Glegg. This company also produces pumps, filters and fluid controls that aid in purifying water and work against possible formation of rust and preparing water for disposal. In 2005, GE bought Ionics because of its desalination operations.

BASF Corporation

This company has 6 divisions, the chemicals, plastics, coatings, fine chemical and raw materials, agricultural chemical and BASF plan science. This makes up a big share in its parent company’s earnings.

Baker Petrolites

This company manufactures specialty chemical for oil and natural gas production – fluid stimulants for oil driller and scale inhibitors. This company also produces additives for refineries and polymers for candle makers and ink industries.

Despite its strong competitors, Nalco Holdings still possess the top 1 position in water treatment field. It has gained its position because of extensive and updated researches and studies made by the group.




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