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It’s curious to think of all the human beings who live out their whole lives without feeling the need to make the slightest comment, the slightest objection, the slightest remark. Not that these comments, these objections, these remarks are addressed to anyone in particular, or intended to have any sort of meaning; but, even so, it seems to me to be better, in the end, that they be made.

I live in New York City, a sprawling human settlement of 8 million or so lost souls. I’ve been here over six years, through thick and thin, and in this time I’ve accumulated enough unusual experiences to last me several lifetimes. A while ago it occurred to me that I ought to get some of this stuff out of my head; that I ought to make sense of my own comments, objections and remarks.

Public writing is familiar to me. I used to produce a zine in the mid-nineties. It wasn’t as simple as click-and-publish: type had to be set, covers designed, physical pages printed, advertisers and distributors recruited. All this effort to reach a fraction of the readership that sees this site on a daily basis. I missed having an outlet, so after coming across a few online journals in the summer of 2003 I launched Naked Loft Party.

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