The NYAWA is the Official New York State Arm Wrestling Organization based in New York City. This not-for-profit sports and entertainment organization captures both enthusiasm and strong-arm competition from fans around the world. Overall, The New York Arm Wrestling® Association has developed into one of the most innovative and recognizable sports-entertainment (featuring arm wrestling competition) organizations in America. The success of New York Arm Wrestling® has spanned more than 35 years with visible evidence of "hard work, promotion and performance credibility". The diverse level of competition are from local events to International world class and divided into classes for Men and Women Professionals, Amateurs, Beginners, Teens and Children.

New York Arm Wrestling® Association (NYAWA) --- An innovative resource for Sports Entertainment



The New York Armwrestling® Association, Inc. mission is a 35-year dedication and promotion of the highest quality, professionally managed arm wrestling championships in New York. We are committed to exceeding all expectations in our ability to deliver superior events for our sponsors, audience, participants and media. Our endeavors are a continuous production of unique, memorable and exciting arm wrestling-sports competition. The New York Armwrestling® Association, Inc. (NYAWA) is very proud to be part of New York City’s Sports Capitol of the World.. Hooked & Rolling - SEE IT NOW! About this project! A New York Arm Wrestling Association video project by White Heat Productions Hooked & Rolling takes on the quirky, absurd world of Arm Wrestling through the 'Battle of the Boroughs' to find out who will become the next NYC King and Queen or Arms. Since 2007 White Heat Productions has been following the New York Arm Wrestling Association along the way falling in love with its colorful, charismatic members.

2012 Tournaments 12/16/2012 35th Annual Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions (Official NY State Arm Wrestling Championships)

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April - / 35th Annual White Castle NYC Big Apple Grapple International Video Part I: Video Part II:

May - 2012 / 29th Annual 'Bronxboro' Arm Wrestling Championships Video:

August - 2012 / 30th Annual Brooklyn-Kingsboro Championships RESULTS: PHOTOS: VIDEO:


NYC Big Apple Grapple Venues, Videos and Images NYAWA Promo I Video: NYAWA Promo II Video: Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum: World Trade Center Observatory: Javits Center: Fox 5 TV Morning News Exhibition: NBC TV: Discovery Channel - Queens: SNY-TV: Brooklyn Part I SNY-TV Brooklyn Part II NYAWA Picture Show: are the website's for the New York Arm Wrestling® Association, Inc. (NYAWA)

The NYAWA is recognized as a major NYC tourist and media attraction by the NYC Mayor's Office, NYC Sports Commission and City of New York Parks & Recreation -

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Brooklyn's Best Brooklyn's Strongest Arm by Madbear

About Arm Wrestling and the New York Arm Wresting Association (NYAWA)

Arm Wrestling is a sport, where anyone can compete regardless of age, weight, dexterity, sex or experience. Arm wrestling is a test of strength, technique, endurance, speed, tenacity and willpower. New York Arm Wrestling provides a platform for clean fun and a wholly American product while helping to build strength, endurance, mind engagement and enhancement of one's image.

Entertainment, promotion, organization, safety and corporate partnership are the hallmarks of New York Arm Wrestling® events. Today's arm wrestling devotees -- male and female, amateur and professional, blue and white-collar, spectator and competitor -- are serious about this emerging age-old sport. They are health and fitness conscious, and bring dedication, discipline and enthusiasm to their chosen endeavor.

2012 New York Golden Arm Series / 35th Annual Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions

2011 Empire State Arm Wrestling Video Promo See it Now at:

The NYAWA organizes the multi-event New York Golden Arm Series where events are held in each of the five NYC Boroughs, Long Island and Upstate, New York and culminates into the Empire State "Golden Arm" Tournament of Champions which is (The Official New York State Arm Wrestling Championships) These events are held at various festivals, fairs, beaches, amusement parks, race tracks, baseball stadiums and other tourist attractions while capturing a lot of media attention and public support. The New York Arm Wrestling Association is always scouting new and exciting venues and sponsors.

The New York 'Golden Arm' Series has attained an enviable niche in the New York area sports world. The Series has won over the media and legions of fans, and is favored by several unique attributes

1. - There is nothing comparable to this New York Golden Arm Series anywhere in the world because both participants and fans travel to watch or compete in New York 'Golden Arm' Series tournaments which are held in each of the five NYC Boroughs and Long Island. 2. - The reputation, attitude, expertise and image of the NYAWA has been shaped and thus in sync with the New York sports world and media that follows it. 3. - The New York 'Golden Arm' Series represents a "rainbow coalition" unto itself, with people of many races and ethnic backgrounds having become great enthusiasts and thereby word-of-mouth promoters of the sport, each within of their local communities. 4. - The NYAWA online email membership and contestant database has an unprecedented 3,800 arm wrestlers from all over the world and maintains the popular New York Arm Wrestling® Association website -

New York Arm Wrestling® Association (NYAWA) PRESS RELEASE Date: Nov. 15, 2012 Contacts: NYAWA Gene Camp 718- 544-4592 Email: – Website:


The New York Arm Wrestling Association will present the 35th Annual Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions to be held Thursday, November 15, 2012 beginning at 1 p.m. at the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s North Wing/Main Concourse at 625 8th Avenue New York, NY. 10018. Over 100 men and women are expected compete for the chance to be crowned Empire State Golden Arm Champion and spectators have an opportunity to watch the event for free. The Competition is also open to the public for a $25 entry fee for amateurs and $35 for pros and includes a free T-shirt to first 50 entrants. There are 13 weight class categories for men and women and contestants are encouraged to weigh-in and register early. $100 cash prizes will be awarded for first place in each pro weight class, while amateurs will receive awards only. The day’s overall strongest arms male and female will be crowned with Empire State MVP awards and an additional $100 in bonus cash prizes and the 2012 New York State Arm Wrestler of the year will be chosen.

The contest will draw some of the biggest names in the arm wrestling field, including last year's defending champions, and those who qualified at this year's three preliminary championships. There are right and left hand, male and female, and amateur and pro categories that will be divided into 17 weight classes.

"The Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions is New York City’s oldest and most prestigious sought-after title,” said Gene Camp, founder and president of the New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA).” Camp continued, “This event is a culmination of our 34th anniversary season and it’s going to be a very exciting to watch because the event is loaded with top talent from all over the tri-state area and far beyond.” The Empire State Championship is the final event of the New York Golden Arm Series where three preliminary championships were held this year for both amateurs and pros. The contest winners are always featured at the NYC Big Apple Grapple International each year.

For information about the Empire State Championship, visit the NYAWA website at or call 718-544-4592. "END"

Contact: Gene Camp 718-544-4592

2011 NYC Big Apple Grapple International Pro & Amateur Armwrestling Championships


The NYAWA will celebrate its 36th Year Anniversary with the NYC Big Apple Grapple International Arm Wresting Championships. This event is billed as "New York City's Arm Wrestling Event of the Century" when the event was renamed from the NYC Pro Armwrestling Invitational which ran from (1977-1999) . The NYC Big Apple Grapple was renamed at the turn of the century in the year 2000 and is open to arm wrestlers worldwide and features the Crowning of NYC's King & Queen of Arms. The NYC Big Apple Grapple is truly an international world class event and has drawn competition from every continent. The event features both Pro and Amateur Categories for men and women. Previous NYC King of Arms (Overall winners of the NYC Big Apple Grapple) include: 1987-1999 Bobby Buttafuoco, 2000 Paul Walter/Bill Sinks, 2001 Jerry Cadorette, 2002 Jason Vale, 2003 Mamuka Pajishvili, 2004 Marcio Barboza 2005 Mamuka Pajishvili, 2006 Giorgi 'The Wall' Gelashvili, 2007 Sean 'The Rockaway Flash' Ringgold Previous NYC Queen of Arms include: 1977 Ann Konovitch, 1985 Sue Matsu, 1990 Toni Cardenas, 1995 Christine 'Scheurich' Workhoven, 1997 Angela Annunziata, 2000 - 2006 Cynthia Yerby and 2007 Mirline Berrouet Josee Morneau and current champion Joyce Boone

NYC BIG APPLE GRAPPLE 2012 PRESS RELEASE 35th Annual NYC Big Apple Grapple International Arm Wrestling Championships Date: Saturday, April 28, 2011 Time: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT Where: Village Pourhouse Sports Bar located at 64 Third Ave. and 11th Street NY, NY 10003 Notes: PRESS RELEASE New York Arm Wrestling Association, Inc. (NYAWA) Email: – Website: Contacts: NYAWA Gene Camp 718.544.4592 or Village Pourhouse NYC Sports Bar - Erik Christenson or Cari DeCoons - 212.979.2337 x 8003

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 30 - GRIPPING SHOWDOWN WILL CROWN NYC KING AND QUEEN OF ARMS Men/Women flex their muscles at 34th NYC Big Apple Grapple Arm Wrestling Championships

New York, New York – April 28, 2012 -- The New York Arm Wrestling Association announced today that the Village Pourhouse (Award winning NYC Sports Bar located at 64 3rd Ave. and 11th Street NY, NY 10003) will host the 35th Annual NYC Big Apple Grapple International Arm Wrestling Championships on Saturday, April 28, 2012 beginning at 1 p.m. - Entry fees: $20 for amateurs, $30 pros – Admission is $5 and age restrictions are 21 years-old and over… Contestants are asked to register/weigh-in early.

The event will feature over 100 of the world’s best amateur and pro arm wrestlers, male and female, as they compete for the chance to be crowned NYC King and Queen of Arms. The proud sponsors are White Castle and Ironmind's Captain's of Crush Grippers.

There are seven weight classes for men including a master’s 45+ years-old, three left-handed classes, and three classes for women. Competition is open to the public and divided into amateur and pro categories. First, second and third place finishers will receive custom engraved half-pound Gold, Silver, Bronze 4” Olympic-size medallions. $100 cash prizes will be given to first place winners of the pro categories, and the day’s overall strongest male and female will receive a bonus $200 cash prize and crowned the prestigious title of NYC King and Queen of Arms. Teams will also compete, grouped by borough, state, and country with a point tally to determine the winning team.

“This unique and diverse strong-arm competition will draw both ‘hard nosed pros’ and curious first time beginners who will compete in their respective weight class categories said, Gene Camp, founder and president of the NYAWA. Camp continued, “The NYC Big Apple Grapple International is the premiere Gotham City arm wrestling event that displays awesome feats of brute strength, exhausting endurance and explosive raw energy with many rivalries, hard-fought matches and a captive-cheering audience.”

Athletes will participate both locally from the NY tri-state area and from far away as Russia, Poland and Hungary. Among those expected to take part are Brooklyn stars Joyce Boone from Carroll Gardens who broke her right arm in 1997 and came back from then; to win many events including the Empire State Arm Wrestling Championship only four months ago. Also featured are the 2011 Empire State Champions who won last November at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. Visit the NYAWA website at or call 718-544-4592. (30) Contacts: Gene Camp 718-544-4592 or Village Pourhouse: 212.979.2337 x 8003 More:

2012 NYC King of Arms – Tim Bresnan – Ironmind® Captains of Crush Grippers Award

NYC Queen of Arms – Joyce Boone – Ironmind® Captains of Crush Grippers Award

NYC LEFT MVP Award - Rob Bigwood - Ironmind® Captains of Crush Grippers Award

Arm-Star Award – Ron Klemba and Richard Calero

Promotional From the Mayors Office - New York City Sports Commission NEWS RELEASE - 31st ANNUAL NYC BIG APPLE GRAPPLE INTERNATIONAL

New York Daily News:

SportsNet TV NY (SNY-TV): - Ray Darling is a Champion

Chicago Tribune:,0,6771451.story

PRESS RELEASE - 2009 NYC Big Apple Grapple International


Contact: Gene Camp - NYAWA - 718-544-4592 Website -

NYC Big Apple Grapple Photos CLICK [1]

Event Locations

New York Arm Wrestling Association events are staged at some the finest high profile venues in New York and include: The World Trade Center Observatory (before 9/11), Madison Square Garden, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, The Empire State Building Observatory, The Intrepid Sea-Air Space Museum, The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island Scottish Games at the Phipps Mansion, Bronx Week Festival, Columbus Avenue Festival, Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, Amsterdam Avenue Festival, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, KeySpan Park, Astroland Amusement Park, Coney Island Boardwalk and even Mickey Mantle's Sports Bar.

Awards and Winners





K AND Q.jpg



THEY SAY PICTURES ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS >>> These NYC 'FLASH PHOTOS' are a nutshell of what the New York Arm Wrestling Association is all about. - CLICK #2 AND ENJOY! >>> [2] Plus, view Photos from the Free T-shirt giveaway contest and NYAWA Archives Click #3 >>> [3]

Armwrestling is for Everyone

New York Arm Wrestling is open to men, women, teens, kids and even a masters class for men over 50. So, whether you're a professional, amateur, beginner or a kid, check out the Schedule, rules and about the weight classes and see how you can make an arrangement to either participate or watch these unique and exciting events. An amazing world of unique sports entertainment and crowd-pleasing captive audiences with clean fun for the whole family.

Kids and Teens


Young Adults


Men - Women - Everyone


NYAWA Photo Album - Click & See

View Photo Gallery from the New York Golden Arm Series Award Ceremonies, Including: 'Queensboro' Awards, 'Bronxboro' Awards, Kingsboro Awards, Manhattan Awards, Staten Island Awards, Long Island Awards and the culminating event Empire State 'Golden Arm' Tournament of Champions Custom Medallions, Trophies and MVP awards. Both action and ceremony photographs of many past events can be viewed. Champions from around the world competed at the tournament, including England star arm wrestler Neil Pickup and Brazilian champion Marcio Barboza --- More about Empire State Armwrestling Champion Marcio Barboza -- Click #4 >>> [4]

Join the New York Armwrestling Association


SEE How to Join [], You could sign up for a full year membership and receive a FREE NYC Arm Wrestling T-shirt with logos on both sides.

The Largest Arm Wrestling Practice in America - New York City

Sponsored By IronMind's Captain's of Crush Grippers --- Instruction for amateur men, women and teens (13 to 17 years old) plus watch three full hours of real pro matches between the biggest super stars of armwrestling. No residency requirements - FREE, FREE, FREE for everyone. Every Saturday Join The New York Arm Wrestling Association for three hours of practice, Armwrestling Contests, Gripper Contests, Curling Contests, Frying Pan Bending, Telephone Book Ripping and much more entertainment - See demonstrations of power, explosive raw energy and awesome feats of strength - Check it out at []


Promotional Video - Click Here >>>:[5]

Golden Arm Series ==:[6]==

The NYAWA YouTube Video Archives - Click Here >>>:[7]

The New York Arm Wrestling Website HAS IT ALL! Television, Photos, Champions, Results, News, Blogs, Writeups, Internet Magazine, Armwrestling Entertainment and Much, Much More.

FIVE STAR ARMWRESTLING EVENTS: '32nd Annual 2009 Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions and 32nd Annual 2009 NYC Big Apple Grapple International Championships -- 'These and more can be found on the New York Arm Wrestling Association's Website'

Visit 'A Call to Arms' Online Magazine NOW! - -

Gene Camp (Founder New York Arm Wrestling Association)


Additional Information - Staff

New York Arm Wrestling Association (Not-For-Profit) Organization

The New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) is a New York State registered not-for-profit sports-entertainment organization, dedicated to the regional promotion of arm wrestling in New York for more than 3 decades. The NYAWA features an experienced in-house staff and consultants which include: Borough captains, state and regional directors, public relations, marketing, advertising, clipping services, media broadcast faxing, event coordinators, stage directors, mailing list and membership control, DJ's, arm wrestling instructors, referees, emcees, registration personnel, writers, website editor and data processor, scorekeepers, photographers, videographers, stage hands, medics, T-shirt / logo artist, special award designers and on-line magazine and newsletter editorial staff. The NYAWA works closely with the publicity staff at each venue to gain full advantage from the site's in-built public appeal and to achieve maximum media exposure. The NYC Sports Commission - Office of the Mayor, The City of New York Parks and Recreation, NYC Borough Presidents, chambers of commerce, venue coordinators, community leaders and many local and major sponsors have helped the NYAWA publicize and stage these exciting public participation sporting events.

Useful Armwestling Techniques


Quickly get high on your opponents hand and fingers so you can take his power away by opening his grip and making it hard for him to regain hand position.


Curl your wrist-in hard and get as close to your body and shoulder as you can and with one unison motion curl your opponent into the pad.


To get on top of your opponents hand and using your whole upper body weight and shoulder in close to power-blast your way through your opponent in one fast motion.

Arm Wrestling Table Styles

Stand-Up Style - is the most popular and preferred style of arm wrestling worldwide because the three mentioned techniques above could be incorporated and it's easier to referee. The website's How to win provides concise information related to 'Stand-UP' style arm wrestling and also mentions about Tendon Strength and the various Arm Curling weight training exercises.

Sit-Down Style - sometimes called 'Old School' arm wrestling events are also held where brute strength is the main factor and technique only plays a small part in pinning your opponent. This old-fashioned Sit-Down style arm wrestling is not as popular as Stand-Up and refereeing entails watching if contestants lift off the seat causing fouls. But certainly in sit-down, the winner has the strongest arm.

Check Out - How to Win - Click on # [8]


Gene Camp Founder/President/Public Relations Director
New York Arm Wrestling Association, Inc.
Phone: (718) 544-4592
Fax: (718) 261-8111

New York Armwrestling® is a federally registered trademark of The New York Arm Wrestling® Association, Inc.

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