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National Savings and Investment (NSAndI.com) is one of the largest savings and investment firms in the UK. Backed by HM Treasuries, NSAndI.com offers a 100% security for your investment.

Bonds and other Savings and Investment Services offered by NS & I (NSAndI.com)

Besides being known for offering premium bonds to their clients, National Savings and Investment (NSAndI.com), offers a wide range of saving and investment opportunities to suit people from all walks of life. Products include Inflation-Beating Savings, Guaranteed Equity Bonds and Children’s Bonus Bonds.

The story of NS & I (NSAndI.com)

In 1861 the Palmerston Government set up the "Post Office Savings Bank" - a simple savings scheme aiming to encourage ordinary wage earners "to provide for themselves against adversity and ill health".

The scheme quickly became very popular, and the deposits found their way from the Post Office to the Exchequer, providing a fund which the then Chancellor, Gladstone, could borrow for putting towards public spending.



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