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by: 4Madison
hey name is Madison Martin..i live in .washington d.c. and ... Life to me is what you make of it,what you decide it to be. Its about making the best of every chance you have got, pulling yourself out of difficult situations, coping with hard times, making mistakes, admitting to them and learning from them, and finally moving on with life without looking back, because life will always go on without looking back at you. Being able to please yourself first before any other person but not at the expence of other peoples happiness. Being wise enough to know that a persons heart beat could stop beating in just a second, therefore not taking chances or wasting time in trying to live your life while it lasts, trying to please others,when the truth is you cant please everyone at the same time . Finally and most importantly, doing unto others what you want them to do to you. To be remembered always for something and anything good and to be a success in life.
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