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Welcome to the world of Mystic Net Marketing! A world where your satisfaction is the forefront of our success. Where form and function unite to create quality web marketing strategies. A company that can take your vision and deliver it to the world.

The beginning of Mystic Net Marketing happened in the winter of 1995 when CNN aired a show about the "new" internet media. David Harkins, Operations Manager for MNM, watched the show with rapt attention. He was immediately intrigued with the creation of websites and learning more of this new medium. Working for several months with many challenges David successfully created his first web site in December 1995. Seeing the potential in web based marketing, he started Mystic Net Marketing that month and a local solution for web marketing was born.

It's amazing to believe how the internet has evolved since then. With more than 300 million people actively on line there is amazing potential to market your product or service. David Harkins and the entire team at Mystic Net Marketing



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