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Excerpted from the website description:

MystressWorld is a submissive male slave training site as well as a place for Dommes, Dominatrices, Mistresses and Femdoms to learn how to be Dominant Women who train submissive submale slaves in bondage, mounting, discipline, badboy, sissyboy, and sexslave duties to his Mistress.

Unfortunately, Mystressworld is a total scam. The title of this is actually quite accurate ... My Stress World. Every "submale" who can be found taking part in this scam admits he has NEVER actually met a human being, some after years of paying "dues" to these phonies. A couple of them claim they have talked to a female on the telephone. The so-called proprietor of MyStressWorld completely controls all communication, all by email, so that participants are never allowed to talk to each other. All the chat or listserve entries are written by this phony "Mystress". You can expect that"Mystress" is a collection of Nigerians, or Colombians, or Ukrainians, or whatever.

Mystressworld is a scam. Mystress is phony Mystressworld is a con.





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I am very sorry this person feels this way about MystressWorld.

I have been a member of MystressWorld since May of this year and I do not share that opinion.

MYSTRESS is a rare Woman who has definite...strong...and some might say, "perverse" opinions on how a submissive male (submale "boys") should be trained to serve their dominant Mistresses.

HER lessons are imaginative, and highly erotic, and will cause any submissive male to think greatly about how he feels about Women and things in general.

If you will just open your mind and place yourself INTO the situation presented in the lessons by MYSTRESS, you will find that you will totally change your way of thinking about the world.

Personally, MYSTRESS has caused...or maybe I should say "allowed"... me to expand my horizons into areas that, previously, I would never have considered...or even thought of!

I eagerly await each new lesson, for it's strong message, and the vicarious...and highly erotic...thrills SHE allows me to experience. SHE is indeed a "master" of the "perverse"....and frankly...I LOVE IT!

I would only hope that one day, SHE would see fit to allow me to serve HER personally...and eagerly!

I have personally talked with my own Mistress almost constantly by email, IM chat, and even on the phone, so I know She is real.

While I admit I have yet to experience an IP (in person event), that has been entirely my fault due to work schedule conflicts. But, I may have one this very week.

I would invite ANY male who has...or even THINKS he has...submissive needs, and craves the control of a dominant Woman, to enroll in MystressWorld and give it a try.

You are always free to leave at anytime...with no hard feelings...if you are always honest and respectful while you are there.

Give it a may find exactly what you have been craving.

So, there it is....that is my opinion of MYSTRESS and MystressWorld.

P.S. Since I posted this, I HAVE had an IP (In Person experience), on 23 Oct, 2008, with my Mistress....I am real....She is real....the razor strap was real....and I have the welts on my butt to prove it!! LOL



i also agree Mystress world has been nothing but good for me i have been at Mystress World for several months and i have found only genuine people who care for the submissive male. There are no vices or pressure the choice is totally yours. Mystress is caring and helpful and treats all with respect and help. ALL submissive males should join and serve the female superior there is no room here for Pig males or Macho Males your choice but the right one for the submissive male.


MystressWorld offers the truly submissive male a place to learn about the D/s lifestyle, the expectations which will be placed upon him should he desire to walk the D/s lifestyle path, and a place to meet someone who can meet what some would call "perverse" needs he has, through a life of service and submission to a Superior Female.

MystressWorld offers training through various lessons which follow a natural progression in developing the behavior of the aspiring submissive pigmale. These include proper attitude, methods of respect and worship towards one's Mistress and other Superior Women, and what to expect when one finally meets One's Mistress in Real Life.

Much thought and effort has gone into these lessons, as well as the time each Mistress spends in interaction with her submales, learning about their needs, their strengths and weaknesses, teaching them how to serve and submit, and developing the obedience and trust necessary if a Real Life meeting is to take place.

This is a well thought out, well run school for submissives, sincere in it's attempt to develop submale boys and place them with Superior Women whom they are meant to serve.

As with the 2 boys above, i consider myself fortunate to have found it, 6 months ago, and look forward eagerly to the day i earn my first meeting with my Goddess. In the past 6 months since i have been assigned to her we have traded over 2,000 emails, sharing lessons, her giving me training and discipline, developing a trusting bond which will serve to make our future together more assured and beneficial to both. i look forward to a lifetime of submission and servitude to her.

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