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Founded in 1989, FSS ( incorporates leading-edge biometric scanning technologies to provide a unique solution to the challenges facing educational and institutional foodservice providers. The company has established a position of market leadership addressing two serious problems that have historically plagued school-based foodservice operations. The first is that school children eligible for free or reduce-fee lunches through government assistance programs often fail to participate because of the perceived social stigma associated with showing a special card or meal ticket in front of other students. The second is that in the foodservice POS industry, software has historically been proprietary, cumbersome for clients to self-administer, and difficult to integrate with other technologies.

FSS unique combination of "shrink-wrap" software and advanced biometric technology provides schools with solutions they can use to manage programs with lower administrative costs, higher student participation (translating to higher federal and state financial support for the schools through programs such as the USDA Federal School Lunch Program), and ultimately, a solution that "feeds more kids."

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