Mysql is a virtual company that provides database servers and tools. It has three founders: two Swedish and one Finnish who came up with the idea after a few years of working together.

Mysql and IT management

They engage in offering high-quality services and products that are user-friendly and less pricey. Mysql offers less problematical solutions for the currently existing database such as Oracle, IBMDB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. The Mysql products and services are speedy, reliable and it is one of the top choices for IT managers due to the efficiency of these systems which lack issues related to downtime, maintenance, administration and support. At present, more than 10 million installations benefit of Mysql database all around the world.


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Mysql is part of the LAMP enterprise software stack. LAMP are the initials that stand for Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP/Perl/Python, a system that and increasing number of companies resort to. LAMP is a less expensive substitute for proprietary software stacks. In addition, LAMP offers a great freedom and flexibility to lock-in. The Mysql servers are affordable, safe, reliable, fast, easy to use, and bugs-free.

The Mysql philosophy is that of open sources, and they address to businesses and people with the same ideology. By purchasing the Mysql programs you will be able to cut on your database licensing by 90%. The system downtime will be dramatically reduced. You will also spend less on hardware and reduce the time spent on administration and engineering.

Website offers

The Mysql website offers database software, services and support for your business, including the Enterprise server, the Network monitoring and advisory services and the production support. The wide range of products include: Mysql clusters, embedded database, drivers for JDBC, ODBC and Net, visual database tools (query browser, migration toolkit) and last but not least the MaxDB- the open source database certified for SAP/R3. The Mysql services are also made available for you. Choose among the Mysql training for database solutions, Mysql certification for the Developers and DBAs, Mysql consulting and support. It makes no difference if you are new in the database technology or a skilled developer of DBA, Mysql proposes services of all sorts for their customers.

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This website is available in 5 languages including English, French, German, Italian and Japanese. On the top of the page you have a search engine, so you can enter a keyword and get the precise info you need, without having to browse through the entire website. The related pages section is disposed on the bottom of the page on your left-hand side. If you lack the time to buy this product, you can use the online shopping service and it is like saving a lot of your precious time. However, there are several ways to purchase Mysql products, you can check these out by going on the How to Buy page on this website. The layout of this website is clear, there are three basic colors used, white, blue and orange. The aim of this website is comprehensive, and the plus is that there are no additional ads.

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