for admin support to businesses or community groups

My Paper Work gives admin support where and when it's needed: you might need an annual report, or have an important presentation to make, or just need to get a grip of your Christmas card mailing. These kinds of jobs only come up now and then, so it's probably not cost-effective to have an expert on your staff full time. By out-sourcing the work to My Paper Work, you can be assured of a good quality job, done well and on time. No need to concern yourself with proof-reading, or meeting deadlines - those things are my worry, not yours!

I will prepare you an estimate before I begin the work, so you should have no surprises on cost. I charge by the hour and we will agree between us how long the job will take. I'm very flexible both on time and price so it's always worth a phone call to haggle a bit - the only thing I won't compromise on is quality. I'm a perfectionist and I don't believe in "good enough".

If you need regular help with doing the books or office admin, we can arrange a contract for a set number of hours a month. I will support you to do what needs doing during that time, including "virtual" work such as maintaining your website, keeping up your presence in the social media world, or sending out emails to your customers.

If you're in the West Yorkshire area of England, we can meet and I can work from the documents you have in your office. If not, we'll communicate electronically or on the phone and any documents I need can be sent through the post or by courier. For web-based work, it doesn't matter where you are so long as we're both in the same virtual reality!

Users of my service are small businesses, community groups, freelance and self-employed professionals, but I'm ready to tackle anything for anybody so long as it's decent, honest and legal.

"No job too small, no challenge too great"

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